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The Weekly Whisk

May 15th, 2017 | No comments

Musings from a foodie…

Just north of Boston near the sea coast is a farmstead – Applecrest Farm which opened a Bistro a number of years ago.  When you travel there, you traverse through the countryside along rural, tree-lined roads until you finally come to the farm.  Applecrest Farm Bistro [ * * * *] is a true farm-to-table restaurant.  Chef Derek Clough has done a great job in establishing the reputation for this up and comer in the Greater Boston Area.  He cooks with a taste and spice forward approach.  You can almost hear the cows mooing 🙂  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was definitely and pleasantly surprised!!  We started with their house-made charcuterie and regional cheeses.  It was incredible.  The edibles ranged from Duck Confit with poached quince to pasteurized cow’s and goat’s milk to organic raw cow’s milk cheeses…  The starters were equally good with the usual sampling of salads.  I had the pancetta-wrapped local cod, which was good although a touch overcooked for my taste. It was accompanied with grilled parsnips and fennel which was a great combination.  But the highlight of the evening was the order of bacon-wrapped meatloaf served with roasted broccoli, mashed potato and a mushroom demi-glace.  For those of us who look back on those Sunday evening meals of meatloaf with fondness – this was a real treat.  I tried to switch but was only able to garner a sampling.  Next time – I’m going for meatloaf!!  If you are north of Boston, it’s definitely worth the trip.  Besides – following dinner you can amble through the Applecrest Store and pick up all those items for some good old fashioned home cooking.  Go for it!!  Applecrest Farm Bistro – 133 Exeter Road – Hampton Falls, NH 03844 – (603) 926-0006 –

I can’t believe I missed my other favorite of the last two weeks – Borobudur in San Francisco.  Having lived there for nearly a decade, I had never been to the restaurant. But, on a recent visit, it was suggested by a colleague that grew up in Indonesia as “…the place to go.”  I was blown away by this small, “journey of taste” restaurant near Union Square.  I had only two of the items listed on the extensive Indonesian menu but, they were outstanding.  The Roti Prata (a pan-fried layer bread served with curry dipping sauce) could have been the whole experience.  It was topped by the Lamb Curry.  And, there were so many other choices of soups, salads, beef, lamb, seafood and the like on the menu – that I’m going back on my next visit to San Francisco.  Borobudur – 700 Post Street – San Francisco, CA  94019 – (415) 775-1512 –

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