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July 5th, 2017 | No comments

Information for your Consideration…

Meanwhile – Back At The Farm –  Now that I unloaded on the multitude of issues related to our brains, you may be interested in the revised recommendations of the MIND diet which recommends two servings of vegetables every day, five half-cup portions of fruit or berries, and fish once a week.  On the other hand, if you want to be safer (supposedly) you can try the Canadian diet which recommends five servings of vegetables per week, four servings of fruit each day, and three of fish or seafood.  Or, to be really safe – simply follow my wife’s dictums = two cups each of fruits and vegetables per day – no excuses!

Go Figure ???? – Here are some factoids that make you scratch your head…

  • The Source of Chocolate Milk – In a recent national poll conducted by the US Dairy Innovation Center, 7% of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows – How now brown cow? But, you probably do not know where chocolate milk was actually invented.  Who first thought about mixing chocolate and milk together? The credit goes to Sir Hans Sloane, an Irish botanist according to the British Natural History Museum.  Sloane made the discovery while visiting Jamaica in the early 1700s, where he was given cocoa to drink. He found it “nauseous” but by mixing it with some milk – it tasted pretty good.  The other factoid to put away in the back bench of your mind is that 60% of the milk consumed in New York City in the school system is chocolate milk.  What does that tell you?
  • Hmmm – Fried vs. Boiled – In a study from Italy by researchers at Brescia University Medical School, the potato consumption of more than 4,400 USA adults was studied – especially in processed forms. As reported, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that processed potatoes (= french fries and potato chips) accounted for 64% of the total potato use for US consumers during the 2000s, compared with just 35% in the 1960s.  Long story short – processed potatoes are bad for you.  In fact, the incidence of acute myocardial infarction is considerably higher for those consuming french fries.  Hmmm…didn’t we know that already?
  • Spending On Health CareThe regional per-capita health spending in 2014 for hospital care had an extremely large variation. It ranged from a high of $11,064 in Alaska to a low of $5,982 in Utah.  In fact, that sort of makes sense.  After all, the folks in Utah are the healthiest in America and the people in Alaska are the farthest away from all sorts of resources. The details by region are as follows:
  • $10,119 in New England;
  • $9,370 in the Mideast/Mid-Atlantic;
  • $8,389 in the Great Lakes;
  • $8,379 in the Plains;
  • $7,629 in the Far West;
  • $7,562 in the Southeast;
  • $6,978 in the Southwest; and
  • $6,814 in the Rocky Mountains.

So are the people in New England nearly twice as healthy as everyone else OR, do they just spend a lot more for the same services?  However, the authors of the study noted that the state-to-state variation in per-capita health spend seems to be tied to other factors like those states having relatively higher personal income per capita, higher percentages of residents enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid; and, greater health care capacity. 

Cooler Is Better – According to a recent study released in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology warmer weather increases the risk of “developing an infection at the site of a surgical wound.” This is one of the studies that is intriguing where we can tie together disparate data to gain better insight – in this case the USA hospital discharge database on surgical site infections from 1998 to 2011 and local temperatures derived from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  There are no doubt other interesting results just waiting for us to discover… 

And, What About Opioids? – Drug overdose deaths in 2016 exceeded 59,000 or, the leading cause of death for those under 50 years of age, according to preliminary data compiled by The New York Times. The opioid crisis is a public health crisis, which is being made even worse since the data was collected because of the influx of illicitly manufactured fentanyl and other biosimilar drugs. Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50.  Ohio has taken the lead by filing a lawsuit against five drug companies accused of inciting the opioid epidemic through the encouragement of inappropriate use by health care providers.

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